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My gig is not indexed anymore. Ideas to improve?

Hi all,

One of my gig’s is not indexed anymore, and I need your help to find out how to solve that.

Here is the story :
I created a few months ago two gigs. In my main gig, I propose to record voice over in French.
It started slow : 1 order on first month, then 2 order, then 5 orders on April (3rd month), at this time I had between 50 to 120 impressions per day, and few clicks and view.
I use buyers requests list everyday.

I put my 2 gigs on vacation mode during 6 days, statistics dropped down to 0 (that seems fair to me).
It took about 1 wek for my secondary gig to get back on tracks.
My main gig remains down to 0 impression per day several week after it got down. (vacation was in March)
Bigger problem : When I try to find my gig through Fiverr’s search engine, it is NOT listed at all! It is not indexed anymore!

What I already tried to solve the problem:

  • I modified my gig title (thinking it would make the website take back into the index) : did’nt work
  • I sent a message to the Fiverr’s support : they sent me general advice to improve my gig: usefull, but it does not solve the problem.

I now need your help to solve that:

  • Should I create a new gig and delete the old one?
  • Should I modify entirely the gig (title + description + pricing + video) to have a chance to get the existing gig back into the index?
  • Did anyone encoutered this case and found a solution?
  • Any idea?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Here is this non-working gig:

Kind regards,


Hi guys!

I know my post was a bit long…
Does anyone encountered this kind of index problem or have an idea to solve it?



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Hi Gabriel,

I do not see anything obvious that prevents you from being indexed. But within the description you still have the following text: “I will be out of office from the 20th to the 23rd of April, as a consequence I increased my delivery time.”

Consider deleting that part, I am sure someone with more experience can give you more feedback!

All the best,


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Read my post here:

Good Luck!!

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Thank you Tom and rahulgraphics.

It sounds like I updated the gig too often… What is strange is that my other gig did not suffer with the same number of updates. But there are maybe other inputs to the algorythm that I don’t figure out…

I will consider creating a brand new gig from scratch to replace the “dead” one.



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