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My gig is not listed anymore :(

I joined fiverr 20 days ago hoping to get to level 1 in 1 month. Since then I put 3 gigs but only 1 of them was listed under photoshopping category. Neither of them showed up in search terms as well. And the worse thing is now my only gig, which was listed earlier. also removed from that category. What is wrong?

my gig:

Reply to @kjblynx: Hi, I am a newbie here, do you mind assisting me with this? I listed my gig under “advertising” just one day ago but I can’t seem to find it in that category. When I do a search with very specific keywords such as “hold sign singapore”, it doesn’t appear too. I wonder if it shows in your homepage. Thanks in advance!

I joined 5 days ago and cannot find my gig any longer. I am under business and financial. Sorry a bit confused, when I type any of the five words to help find my gig is not there… Can you help? Thanks

Reply to @kjblynx: ok thank you

Reply to @kjblynx: Hello, I was wondering if you could search for my gig and see if it shows up. I can’t find it at all when I search for it. The gig is called design polyvore boards for your products.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Reply to @kjblynx: finally my gig is listed in the same position under it was last week. But no big change in impressions and views because there are lot of same kinda gigs in that category. OK I’ll try what you suggested. And thanks so much for responding :slight_smile:

please help me out

but my gig is not listed in any category now. It was listed under ‘Photography and Photoshopping’ but I can’t find it since 2 days now. The position which my gig was now acquired by a new gig. What’s wrong?

I got 6 orders since I joined fiverr 22 days ago. Do you think it’s normal? Will I be able to get succeeded in the future? And what do you think of my gig listing? Do you think it needs some tweaks? Thanks for the help

Reply to @kjblynx: As I can see fiverr only let us promote 1 gig listing per user. I mean if you create multiple gigs, only one of them will list on fiverr no matter how hard you try to promote your other gigs. Do you think it’s true?

Reply to @kjblynx: Oh really? OK then I should try to offer some different services as well .Thanks

Hmm I’m getting bored with this… no increase in impressions or clicks since 5 days now…

No orders since a week… my gig is still listed on the category… dunno what’s wrong

I am spending whole day on this thing since a month but no increase in impressions or sales. I can’t understand why?

I have same problem my clickbank gig that i have spend lots of time to make a great tutorial course for it in video formatwith over 4hrs of contant with 96% rating doesnt show in the search engine any more and my orders have droped from 8 a day to like 1 a week because it does not show any more please help me what is going on ?

Me too