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My Gig is not listed in relevant category

hi friends… i have created two gigs week ago.
one in graphic designing > logo design
and other in graphic designing > background removal

But both of my gigs are not showing in relevant categories…
i have visited from friends account and searched my gig in relevant category but havent found…
Please let me know what is problem…

Hi, welcome to Fiverr.

If it’s a new gig, there’s a chance that Fiverr hasn’t added your gig to the index yet, so it’s worth giving them some time before it appears. The same applies to new accounts, so there’s a chance it’s just taking some time to get you in there.

I’m not sure if this is me misunderstanding what you’re doing, but if you’re attempting to manually discover your gig in those categories, the listing order of more popular gigs will take priority over yours, as it’s a new gig, so yours would not be present at the forefront of those categories. All in good time though, I’m sure with hard work and good service, you can be a front page gig.

I hope this helps, best of luck.

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I have similar issues as am new too, so am waiting for some time like Parradesigns said to be indexed, and then I will contact support if im still ‘MIA’. As you have been waiting a week I would go ahead and contact technical support for help.

Good Luck!

I also did… have not got any response

Replies from customer support tend to take around 24 hours, more or less. Make sure to check the email account that your Fiverr is registered to. You will get an email from customer support when your query has been solved or answered and a link to the customer support thread with the answer