My gig is not live


Hi, I recently joined fiverr and yesterday i made my first gig verified mobile done everything properly but my gig didn’t go live i have checked in new arrivals and then i checked using my whole title in search bar still it didn’t come up…when i checked in Gigs tab its in “active” tab…I also contacted support but still no reply can any one tell me why is this happening?


Every gig goes through an editorial review. Sometimes it can take longer than 24 h.


Oh so it works like that…I thought its an auto process like so many gigs at fiverr on daily basis i thought its auto process thanks for the clarification.


how can we get information on whether our gig is published or not? is there some way?


Your gig is published and live - I can see it on your profile - it might just take a few more hours to appear in the search as @annai80 said! :slight_smile: