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My gig is not rank. How rank a gig on fiverr?

Please,contact me…

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You are not allowed to share your gig details on New User Introductions. Remove it before you get flagged.

ok.thank you …

There is only one section where you are allowed to leave your link. I cannot remember which one.

My Fiver Gigs is where you can post this type of question with your link. Double-check that!

where is it?..

How can I contact with you? inbox ?

Go to search and look in the categories. You will see My Fiverr Gigs in there. Make use you type in that section.

Go out of the Fiverr forum and come back in. Before you start you will see the categories on the left hand side. Look carefully in these categories and find My Fiver Gigs. Make sure you use this when advertising your services.

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There have some basic factors to rank gig in my point of view:

  1. Research the ranked gig’s which are the same category. Take a close look at the title, tag, and description that they are using. Now compare to your gig and update.

  2. Stay online as much as possible.

  3. Be active on Fiverr forum by helping others.

  4. Send buyer requests within your limits.

  5. Choose gig thumbnail image wisely.


If I cross limits of requests than?

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Are you mean buyer request?
If you go to More > Buyer Requests, you can see total number of active requests that you can send a day.

You are only available to send 10 buyer request per day

Thank you …

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It is best to use the forum search tool :mag: and to find an answer to your question.
Best Of Luck.

I have the same problem

Thanks :yum: :yum: :yum:

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Thank you …