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My gig is not ranking, 9th orders completed

Hello, Please help me, I’m new 44 days passed in Fiverr, and completed 9th Orders same buyer, but now my gig not ranking what is the problem?

So, anyone kindly helps me.


@seo_hawya Did you edit your gig in the meantime?

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Seems like you are trying to cheat Fiverr by buying your gigs yourself.

Please note that it’s against Fiverr terms and conditions and as a result you may be banned.


are you mad? I don’t cheat I’m 100% honest.

No, but my 2 orders have been canceled, the buyer ordered by mistake.

are you mad? I don’t cheat I’m 100% honest.

If buyer had ordered the gig by mistake

then I would suggest you that immediately contact the support team and tell them that buyer ordered the gig by mistake

and also attach the proof

this way, it wouldn’t make a bad impact on your profile

Note:- Contact the support team only if it was a buyer mistake


Ok, I will try to contact support.

You probably are honest but all 9 reviews on both of your gigs from the same person is just kind of sus

I thought so, since you got all 9 orders from a same profile and the reviews they gave to you are also similar to each other. That seems suspicious for a new seller.

Sorry, if that’s wrong.

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