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My Gig is not ranking but whey Please Help me

I’ve done my gig well and I’ve done all sorts of Sher, marketing, SEO, keywords sets and online 24 hours, so why don’t I have gig rankings. I can’t do it. Please help someone :pensive: :sleepy: :sleepy: this is my gig link.

If there’s anything wrong, tell me. Please

Thank You All

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No one can tell you how to rank a gig. This is Fiverr’s algorithm. But you need the title, tag, keyword, have to research. I have a question for you. How do you stay active 24 hours a day?

very sample , I always keep my phone fiverr Apps dry.

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recheck your key words, its most important part of gig.
also share your gig on social media.

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congrats on your new gig. First of all, I will suggest you to change your name from freelanceras567 to your own name. That will be more pleasant and professional.
Being patient is a very important aspect here in the marketplace, thousands of people are providing services here so normally once you create a gig, you will have to wait for some time. Also, your gig description is very important! Make sure you give a clear description of the service you will be providing and in a way that shows you know your task very well.
Another important advise I have is that look in other similar gigs for a better understanding of what other people are offering, you will have a greater understanding once you start reviewing other gigs and services.

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i do the social media gig sher. but no ranking

thank you Brothers, :+1:

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make more gigs, maximum 07 gigs are allowed.

only share is not enough. you tell them that what services you are providing, give examples. Then people will take interest and will click your gig.


Thank you :+1: :+1: :+1:

i saw you gig. It is silent about your profession. write about your services on the face of your gig, which you are providing so that people know better what services you are given.
and make more gigs by using different key words


Brother How to change my username ?

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its not easy. need help of customer help


So any way ??? :roll_eyes:

How is it possible to be online 24hrs?

possible you do try to my way

What’s your way ? :slightly_smiling_face:

its not necessary to be online 24 hours
8-10 hours are enough.

just observe the timing that when more buyer requests are displaying so that you reply them in time.


some people use softwares to show fake online. its not allowed. if it caught, account can be blocked. so never try illegal thing which finally results a Block.

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First of all, being online 24hrs is not humanly possible unless you are working as a super-human or use some softwares/tools to trick the Fiverr system. This is not allowed and users will be banned soon if Fiverr notices that users are messing with their system in order to outrun other sellers.

I am alerting you in advance!!

Good Luck.

use attractive image and title for new gig