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My Gig is not ranking but whey

Hi all, I am a new seller of Fiverr. I’ve done my gig well and I’ve done all sorts of marketing, SEO, keywords sets and online 24 hours, so why don’t I have gig rankings?

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Because you are in highly competitive niche. There are only a few places on the first page but thousands of sellers.

your gig title is not clear
you did not optimize your seo title
your gig description if full of grammar mistakes to the point it is hard understand
you are way to cheap for what you claim to offer so any potential buyer will get suspicious

You are offering influencer marketing and say you reach 1 Million people. You pay a lot of money to get that kind of reach from real influencers. Even if you calculate with a CPC of 10$, 1 Million Views would equal 10k$.


Share your gig on various social media and buyer sent more and more requests and stays active all the time on the forum

Share your gig in social Media.