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My Gig is not sale whereas lots of view seen

Dear Friends/Seniors,

Please let me confirm why ,My Gig is not sale whereas lots of view seen :-

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try to improve it! If its viewed but not bought, people decided against it.


I would recommend asking someone to proof read it and correct any grammatical mistakes. There is no guarantee of course that this would lead to more orders, it is only my opinion. I personally think that buyers looking for data entry value accuracy.


Hello Vaishali, keep your content description and offer unique. Improve response time, if any. BE PATIENT. All the best.

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No one is going to find you reputable if you offer “2 hours of work” for $5.

You also really need to proofread your gig. It’s full of errors.

You just say you complete these tasks quickly. You don’t convey value or quality.

Also, you have literally thousands of competitors on Fiverr. That alone will prevent you from getting orders.


Ok thank you i will re check.

OK thank you for suggestion

ok thank you i will do accordingly, as per your suggestion