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My gig is not selling HELP ME

My gig is still not selling, its been there about two months but still no order
Please help me check my mistake


Best Tips I’ve learn so far:
1: try to create all gigs (with level 0 account, you can create 7 gigs. so try to create all 7 gigs)
2: write an attractive description.
3: Offer fair rates.
5: promote your gig out of fiverr as much as you can (use social media platforms, forums, blogs etc)
6: Send Buyers Requests from here: (you can send 10 buyer requests everyday. try to use all of them.)
7: Stay online.keep fiverr tab open in your browser. and try to reload it time to time.
8: Improve your skills.
9: keep patient and stay constant.
You are a new member yet. I got my first order after 4 years. so it can take time. don’t panic and keep trying.

Good Luck.


same :thinking: :thinking: