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My gig is not selling yet. How do I sell it?

I’m selling a gig for about three weeks now. But did not have one single sell. What should I do?

Hey Nadgraphics,

I have not sold a single gig either, but from the information i have gathered on the forum and on other websites, you need to market it through other channels.

For example create a website or a blog that is linked to social media accounts, you want your clients to see what your work is, and showcase it, so they are ready to spend money for your services.
Initially marketing will cost you but as soon as you gather e-mails of people that are interested your order rate should sky-rocket.

Remember you should always think long term, as selling a service is about having a good relationship with your customer, a trustworthy one and long lasting. This way you will have clients that will order more than once.

Check all the successful gigs that are similar to yours. Search them on google to see which tags they use that way you will boost your SEO and have organic marketting.

Good luck on your ventures, i wish you all the success :wink:

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Often, your first order will be from the buyer request section. So keep your eye on it

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I have completed 7 orders this month, and all but one were found through the buyer request page. I’m new so I can’t say much, but it’s been working well so far. One thing’s for sure, you shouldn’t be expecting orders to magically come in as a new seller— we definitely have to scavenge a bit.

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It took me 6 months to get my first order. (Only had 2 orders total.)
So could potentially take awhile.
For me it was just waiting, but sounds like you might need to try marketing via ads on sites such as Facebook maybe?


Yep, patience is key. While you wait:

  • Promote on social media like others have said.
  • Also take a good hard look at your gigs.
  • Make sure there are no grammar or spelling errors.
  • Does your video look good?
  • How is the sound quality of the video? Can you be understood?
  • Do your descriptions make sense? Try and look at it like someone who is searching for your service. Would your description be easy to understand?
  • Make sure the keywords for your gigs, and your gig title, include words that would be searched for when looking for your service. (I’m in Voice Over. So I have “Male voice, American Accent” as a couple of key words because I know people will probably use those words to look for my service. If I just put “voice actor” in there, I would get buried with the 10,000 other VO actors who have that in their keywords. ) Again, try and think like someone who is clueless about your line of work but needs that service done. How would they search for your services?
  • Look at top sellers in your category and see how they present themselves. Use this as a guide to present yourself. (Do not outright copy them, as that is poor form, but use them as a place to get inspiration.)
  • Go to the Buyer request page and put in offers there.
  • Be patient.

I doesn’t happen overnight. I was at a month before my first gig came in. (I was refreshing the page every ten minutes checking to see if I got a sale.) Patience and a good presentation is key.

Good luck!

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Yes! thank you for your ideas…

thank you julienbaillache. very helpfull your idea

What is it? Is my gig fine?