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My Gig is not Showing in search page

My gig was first page in first position since 2 years. More than 1500 job completed. and Rating is 1k + with 4.9 start . But now a days i am looking my gig is not showing in search page. i have checked upto 25 pages but i didn’t found it… even new seller is showing first page but not me… please suggest me


it is called “Gig rotation” and it is normal on Fiverr platform.

If you still get orders every day (and you do), you are fine. :+1:

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No Mr Blavaro i am not getting any sales now ,and also not showing my impression

Now my gig position is in 21 Page. But other seller who’s have not rating they are also first page

Same problem with me my gigs not showing in search results since 2 days.