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My gig is not showing in search results

Hi, my gig is not showing up in search results, can someone please help. Thanks!



Please check your GIG has very very low quality. you took some screen shot and add it to the GIG. this is not professional way. please check the other GIG in same category. you can see the difference. change your every thing.

Other thing is when we created GIG first time it is not going to the search result, it appear only in new list. you can send some buyer request and take some orders. if you have good review your GIG will appear on search result later. first make your GIG again. this is not right


Thank you for the reply, but it doesn’t really help me. I looked at some of my competitors, and I don’t think my screenshot is very very low quality compared to theirs (it’s not as good as theirs, but it’s not very very low quality either). Anyway, I can add some graphics to it. But I’m confused, this is a recommendation? Or a requirement from Fiverr? Also, “first make your GIG again. this is not right”… would really help if you clarified what “right” means, because it can mean different things to different people.

And according to what you are saying, even if I add better images, it will still not show up in search results? So what’s the point of adding better images?

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There are thousand of sellers join every month. so competition is high. We have to do some marketing outside of fiverr . you can send buyer request also. after you got good rating from client your GIG will appear on search result automatically . Did you get it ? I got My first order after 5 month.

Thanks for clarifying and setting the expectation. Wish Fiverr had been more clear about this stuff when I was signing up.

Fiverr will deny a gig entirely or drop it from search results if the image quality is too low or is determined to violate copyright. In addition, social media followers is an area that Fiverr is gradually de-emphasizing. Most of the social media platforms like Instagram aren’t supportive of these kind of sales and some of the platforms even consider it a violation of their rules. Fiverr doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to get rid of the gigs but they often drop them from search results.

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Thanks guys. Any feedback on my new image:

You have some typos in your text. Just in a quick glance there are errors in artificial and intelligence.

make your gig attractive and do something different

Thanks for the typo note, yea kind of did this in a rush

Hmm, this is the best I can do atm, not worth hiring a designer to make it better, I don’t even know if Fiverr will show my post on their platform. Once Fiverr starts giving me some impressions, I’ll make it better, otherwise I rather just market it myself off of their platform.

I would just doing both anyway. Diversification is always a good idea. Good luck.

make you gig unique it will be show