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My Gig is not showing in the list. Please help

My Gig is not showing in the list. Please help


are you new seller ??
if yes filter in search new seller and online seller and u will find your posted gig

yes I filtered it with “new seller” and online but still it is not showing in the list


please check your draft

I have 2 gigs and both are published


is it active in state ??
you can check in category in selling gigs
check if its active

Yes, both are showing under active gig.

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Please check your draft ani_skr

Where to check draft? I am new here and not sure of much options.

ok now i can see draft…and its showing empty

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check for tags what you have put for your gig
even this is the reasons where gigs will not be shown

tags are basically category where you categorize where you post your gig

Thank you. I have used the suggested tags but still could not see the gig in the list. Will it take some time?

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No it instantly publishes it …

Not sure. Seems like mine is not working for some reason. My other gig is of “Writing & translation/Other” category which is not that much populated in the site, but even then i cant see my gig.

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I’m guessing by your joining date that you’ve only recently put your gigs up?

Give it a couple of days and they should appear in the search. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If your gig does not appear on search pages,
Inform the fiverr customer support service

this is my problem also .my 5 gigs also not showing in search result.pls help anybody

Can you please provide the customer care # of fiverr or email id?

You can use the helpdesk or email - they may also tell you to be patient and wait for a couple of days. :slightly_smiling_face: