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My Gig is not showing on fiverr gig category search page

I have created 3 gigs on my account. But I can’t find any of these in the Fiverr gig category search.So what can I do for it now?

So, please help me.I’m new to the Fiverr Forum.

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if your gig search page don’t show up.first check if your gig has been published?

yes, my gig had published

wait.i search your gig

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your gig search page appear

But I can’t find why?

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i find it.find out better then you find it.

May I know how you found it?

flowing this screen shoot

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still same problem now.I didn’t find it

contact fiver support

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how to get this information.
can tell give me please

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why I am not any job? you can tell me?