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My gig is not showing on High Rating,Recommended,New page!

When we edit our gig,Is it list down?

Reply to @creative_image:

Give it time. Success on Fiverr does not happen overnight. And it doesn’t happen unless YOU take the initiative. Create great gigs, promote them offline, and work hard to complete great work for any buyers that do purchase your gigs.

There is no magic formula to reach the next seller level on Fiverr. Each seller’s experience in that category will be completely different. Just do what you can (again, market offline!), follow the seller tips already presented here on the forums, and let buyer interest do the rest.

Thank you!

Thank you, At last, Tell me basically what must we do day to day on fiverr?



3… etc

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Great! However I haven’t any order during 9 days… How can I can I get level 1? I need 1 or 2 orders per day. I know money is something can’t be enough. But we are not coming to fiverr be king… As a matter of fact I know someone. Any advice!!!

Thank you

It might be more productive not to spend so much time worrying about where your gig “ranks” in the Fiverr marketplace. Rankings and positions are constantly changing. Focus on providing great work to whomever does hire you, and then spend the time necessary to promote your gigs OFF FIVERR.

Link to your own gigs, bring potential customers to you. Focus on what YOU can do to market your gigs; never rely on marketplace “rankings” to do all the work for you.

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If someone edit better than last, Will be it list up?

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Is there any way to see who fiverr recommended gig?

Optimize the gig description and add better keywords and tags that will help you to get more orders