My Gig is NOT showing up when I search keywords


This has been going on for a few days. Here’s the gig. It doesn’t show up anywhere when I search Keyword “Parrot” - can you try it?

Originally when I published, I was able to find it by searching - but then after I changed the title… it stopped being accessible via search.

What should I do? I’m not going to get any orders if people can’t find me. Delete and Republish??


ok… i checked my email - fiverr cs did get back to me. allegedly i was moved up in my category. still can’t find it when searching keyword Parrot or parrot or any of the other keywords. of course, the copycat’s version shows up near the top. lol.


Still a problem. Did contact CS a few days ago. No change yet - other than an obvious copycat showing up when I search the keyword.