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My gig is not visible in search results from past few days

Hi, My gig is not visible in search results from past few days it might be a bug or not i don’t know. Even if i type exact title in search results, gig is not visible. please help. I am level 2 seller from last 1 year.

Hi. I had the same query when I first started selling in Fiverr. Apparently, because of the algorithm on the site, you’re not always visible in a search. I have always experienced ebbs and flows in my orders because of this. Worth checking that the direct link to your gig is still working though. According to Fiverr customer services, the better your stats (response time etc.), the higher you climb in the rankings and the more visible you become. For example, after taking a couple of weeks holiday it took a little while to get back to the frequency of orders I had had before. This could be chance, but I think it’s actually tied up with ranking.

I have the same problem… and I have sent a lot of messages to fiverr support, but they don’t respond or give me an explanation or a solution, I’ very upset and frustrated

Exactly they are not responding, My gig is not visible on fiverr at all, not against any keyword at all which is strange.

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Still same situation, i think there is bug in fiverr system. lets see how long it takes…

Same here. Some say it will take 2-3 weeks to comeback to same spot. Lets see

You will be able to place some orders by sharing gigs on social sites.