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My gig is not visible on any page

hello,Everyone I am new on fiverr. I create a gig but it is not visible on any pages.I checked all me


Copy your gig title and search again.

Here are few tips you can do to let your gig pop up on search page.

  • Check other sellers who are offering similar service
  • Try searching with different combinations of the keyword(main service)
  • There would be few sellers always on the first page
  • Understand their headlines, gig summary, gallery
  • Try re-framing your gig with the consumed information & inspiration

However, it would take time and a few gigs to be listed on the first page. Optimize as much as you can to win a gig. Hope this helps. Thank you.

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Copy your gig title and search. Sometimes it does happen as your gig may not be seen in the top but just keep searching and you will find.

I think your gigs are not approved by fiverr editorial team.You can contact support team and ask the reason. Fix them and then ask again the fiverr editorial team to review your gigs.
Thank you😇

check your gigs are active or inactive.