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My gig is not visible please help me


I have just created a Gig but I can’t find myself even among new arrivals. I just have to point out once again that the Gig is active!
Do new arrivals go through a waiting period or does a gig become searchable immediately? This is my second attempt at getting the gig published and i am getting really frustrated. Please help me


As a newcomer myself I have noticed that it can take anywhere between 12-24 hours for a gig to show up. Some of my gigs showed up relatively quickly and the others took a little longer.


It shows up when I search for its title.

Btw, that’s a pretty unique gig. You might want to make sure potential buyers get that without having to visit your page.



Thank You so much i will waiting please as soon as possible fixed this



If you launched your gig or edit your gig, Trust & Safety team need to approve them. Your gig will be live as soon as you published but may take between 10-15 hours to appear on the search.


Actually, that one gig of yours is exactly like your other gig, apart from the 1 hour delivery. This a) doesn’t make any sense and b) might be a reason you/anyone won’t ever see it in the Logo Design category.


So can you confirm me which one looking great for my business…and top on a first page and looking some customer as soon as possible my gig and up my gig



It took 3-4 days for my gig to show up in Fiverr search.


Hi Andrea766,
I have searched for services using the keyword “digitize log” and your gig appeared in the search results when I used the filter to show gigs only from new sellers.

Here is a link to the search results. You can check it.✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=digitize+logo&search-autocomplete-available=true&search-autocomplete-type=suggest&search-autocomplete-position=5&page=1&filter=auto&ref=seller_level%3Ana&page=1&filter=auto&ref=seller_level%3Ana

Open the above link and use the filter to show results only from new sellers then your gig will appear in the results.

Adrea766 there is no problem with your gig. It is active, you just need to work hard to rank it.