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My gig is not visible yet after two days


Hello dear community,
I’m italian and new comer. The day before yesterday (on tuesday) I made the registration in Fiverr, created the account and the first gig (Proofreading).
Today the gig seems not been activated yet… how’s it possibile?
Here my gig:
I’ve read in another post written by a seller that it occurs normally 24 hours but in my case more than 2 days have been passed…
Thanks for your patience and hope to be solved my doubts,
Have a good evening


Well, your gig is published and visible. According to your title, it should be invisible but it is not!.


Your gig is number 2 in the top row when I search on “correct your Italian grammar”✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=correct+your+italian+grammar

Congratulations! ( I see now it is number 4 on the top row.)


Thank you @misscrystal and @n4y33m! I’ve checked and actually your information is correct. Now I feel more relaxed. The only thing I’m not able to understand is the following: why my gig is still not visible if I search it directly in “Writing and translation” - “proofreading and editing” - “newest arrivals” (with italian language selected). I see only 7 gigs and not the mine.|language%3Aitalian|origin%3Aheader


Will take a little to appear in New Arrivals.
Forse tre giorni minimo.


Thank you @wuerz123, you’ve been very helpful. I’m new comer so for me everything here is a discovery :slight_smile:
Now all my doubts are solved, have a nice evening!