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My gig is on first page among 37000 other gigs of same niche...i need guidance

Hi fiverrers, i hope you all will be very happy and doing well. Although my gig is on first page among 37000 other gigs of same niche and i am getting good impressions as well but not orders? Can you guide me please why i am not getting orders as i believe my gig is fully optimized with good description, title, image and all these things. Please guide me i’ll be thankful to you.

My gig link:
Looking forward to hear nice suggestion. Thanks

If you edit, you will loose the placement (since edits need to be verified by Fiverr).

Fair warning now, what I have to say isn’t exactly ‘nice’, but it is honest.

Unlimited revisions are never a good idea. (100% money back/satisfaction guarantee are also very risky. It implies that you’re not confident in your work.)
Fiverr doesn’t like it when their logo is used in gig images. (TOS)
Fiverr allows three images per gig, maybe add more?
Your gig descriptions need to clearly differentiate what perks are part of which package. (This might be a reason for the lack of orders. If a buyer is confused and there are other options, they’ll likely go to those other option, rather than take the time to puzzle out what you’re offering.)
Always check your gig thumbnails from your profile. The text size is unreadable in most of them and/or several images have been cropped oddly.
There are several small English errors in this gig, your other gigs, and your profile. (Mainly the rules of capitalization.)

Concerning this specific gig, the main image is eye-catching, but not in a good way. The colors clash with that method of gradation, the image in the center is noticeably squished, and the green looks sickly when it’s next to the shade of green that Fiverr uses. (Also, the home-made Fiverr logo has the red spelling-error squiggle under it, the folder image is lost in the background color, I can see the cursor under the fifth star up top, and the sheer variety of font sizes and text-box lengths makes it look messy.)


You are realy awesome as you noticed all blunders i did unknowingly but now i’ll debug all of them. Thanks a lot for your such kind of support on fiverr forum for beginners. Nice meeting you…