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My GIG is on last page

Hi everyone, I was getting orders on Fiverr and suddenly they throw my gig to the last page, I don’t reason then i read some topics, and some people also getting this kind of problem and they said its for few weeks. But its been a month and my gig is still on last page. I am not getting any new order or messages since last month. Please help me with this.
Thank You


You don’t stop sharing/marketing your gigs to social media, you should marketing your gig to all social media regularly. As a result, the impression and click of your gig will increase. If your gig getting a good impression then your gig again appears on the first page.


don’t worry remain online 7 days if you gig still one last page then delete then gig and create new gig at low competitive keyword . and write a good description without copy paste

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I have all the reviews on that gig. How can i delete that gig ?

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okay don’t delete this gig just wait and remain online i am also face a same problem , i have 40 reviews but still face this problem . so don’t worry .

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try to change your keywords and category

I have more then 200 review and from 10 days my best gig on last page.

:grinning: thanks for your valuable information

If you share the gig on social media then it will be fine.

Plz create your gig seo friendly and share your gig regular social media.

which social media platform do you market your gigs? if you have a specific page, please share

I am also facing same problem. it hapends three time

When your gig come back on first five pages