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My gig is on the first page but am not getting orders. Why?

Hello people,
I am so devastated right now. :disappointed:
I am a new Seller.
I created my gig few weeks ago and I have added a gig video.
My gig impressions and views have increased too.
Now, my gig is on the first page but I am still not getting orders. :cry:

I really don’t know what the problem really is.

Is it that my gig description is not catchy and compelling?
Or there are errors in them or my profile and gig video don’t look professional?:thinking:

Please i would like you guys to visit my gig and give suggestions.
May be there is something I am not doing right.


This is my gig URL.

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Probably you have used wrong tags or maybe you have no reviews so that’s why you are not getting orders. Clients usually don’t rely on the newbies. Being a newbie I am also facing these issues.

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This is really frustrating :disappointed:
Thanks for your concern though.

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being a new seller and having your gig on the first page is an achievement, honestly.
a big achievement i must say.

so…just relax, your order is coming.
be sure to have set your gig up properly, using the right tags, and then try sharing your gig on social media.



Get well soon, don’t worry :v:


Check this out!


Thanks a bunch though. :pray:

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I hope so.
Thanks a bunch.

All right.
Thank you for this. :pray:

Your gig video looks a little bit fake. The footage doesn’t match your services. Here are a few more reasons you may not be getting orders lately:

• There are a lot of gigs offering the same services as yours
• There have better advertisement
• You are not active on Fiverr
○ Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

If you want to get some orders faster, here is what I do and I recommend you to do too:

Once your gig goes live, if you don’t get any orders, update your Gig in every 2 weeks until you get an order. Add better, modern-looking images and video if possible. Once you edit a gig, it will disappear from the search for about 24 hours, but you have a chance to get it in front of other gigs once it appears again.

Apply for buyer requests, they may bring someone to you. If you tried and never succeed, here are some tips on how to make your proposals work:

Here are finally some more of my favorite, (probably the best), tips on the forum I really

If you still have any questions, instead of asking, you could just type it in the search bar of the forum. There will probably be someone else who asked the same question before you.