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My gig is on the last page what can I do now?

Hello! everyone, I was get 1 order on Fiverr and suddenly Fiverr throw my gig to the last page, I don’t know the reason then I read some topics, and some people also getting this kind of problem and they said its for few weeks. But its been a month and my gig is still on last page. I am not getting any new order or messages since last month. Please help me with this problem.


Search engine placement is something sellers do not have direct control over and is dictated by Fiverr in their own mysterious ways. There have been plenty of threads trying to decipher it.

Instead of fretting over things that one cannot change, focus on what you can influence and alter. Gig appearance, video, text, examples, category placement, pricing, targeting niches, and so many small details about a profile and gig page are absolutely in your command to change and heavily influences and dictates one’s fortunes (or misfortunes) on the platform.

-This is likely not the answer you wanted to hear, but is pertinent to addressing the underlying issue.


Hi, @sharminnshima please do let me know how to check that Fiverr throw the gig to the last page? how to check a gig’s rank on fiverr? thanks!

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Search results vary from user to user hour by hour. You will not get consistent, uniform results. Fiverr is increasingly trying to personalize search results to match the individual users needs, history, and budget.


Hi, @enunciator please do let me know how to check a gig’s rank number on fiverr? thanks!

Rank? This isn’t Google.


Thanks for the reply, @enunciator but how a person would know on which page its gig is currently placed so that to do the improvements if needed in the gig make the gig status perform better than before.

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate daily.”

This can be found here, Fiverr Help and Education Center in the second paragraph.

(You manually click through the pages from the search results.)

I think I have to quote myself for the first time I think. And from the same thread!


You should improve your keywords. You used those keywords which are show in searching list. Using software you can create templates and add in your gig to increase impression.

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Thanks for your valuable important advice

Wow! Great news! About sometime ago I received an email from CS support informing me that my gig can be found on search results again! I checked and it’s in the positions it was before editing its description :slight_smile:

Thanks Thank you very much for your empathy

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Glad to know that your problem is solved