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My gig is paused with no way to activate it

After being away for some time, my gigs have been paused. In the gig menu, under the paused tab, there is no way to re-activate them.
I have a returning customer who wishes me to give him a custom order now, but I’m stumped and unable to do anything with my gig or create the order.

Anyone know how to unpause this or is the gig un-salvageable?


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Did/does it say why they were paused? Is it because you haven’t answered the “are you a US person” question yet?


No, no reason given. I have used Fiverr succsesfully up until about 10 months ago when sales and clicks dropped right off. Nothing to do with my service, just dropped away and I’ve been concentrating on other things.

Did you answer their “Are you a US person” question though? If not, that might why they are paused.
Otherwise you should be able to go to the gigs page and paused tab and click the checkbox on them and then select the “activate” option.

See: W-9 US Verification Requirement and
Hello fiverr asked "are you Us person"?

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Not sure where that would be.
I filled out the relevant tax forms when i joined, and I’m not a US person. I’m in the UK

All it says in the W-9 part of the settings is “The Form W-9 verification process is not available yet. We’ll notify you when this option will be available.”

There is no activate button in my gig section :frowning:

If there’s no activate button that shows when you click the checkbox next to a gig in the paused tab of the gigs page and no message about why they are paused (eg. you’ve not been asked to answer that “US person?” question) then maybe the best thing to do is contact CS and ask them why the gigs are paused and how to activate them. Contact them through the helpdesk or address.

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Yeah, will do. Just hoped there was an easier fix.

Thanks for the help all the same. Appreciated.

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If I remember correctly (it was a while ago), there were some sellers complaining that they couldn’t activate some very old gigs of theirs.


Yeah, but i don’t consider 10 months to be “very old”
I even made a second gig too just a few months ago.
I was doing ok with sales, until suddenly it all went quiet.

I’ve emailed support now


Good luck! It can take them a long time to respond these days.


of course :roll_eyes:
Maybe why I moved on to other things now lol