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My Gig is Ranking Down

Hi there experts, hope you all are well. I’ve created my Fiverr account on 22nd February 2021 and created 4 gigs in my particular category. Hopefully, one of my gigs ranked and 1 got 2 orders on that gig on the 19th day of account creation. At the starting of March and the half of April, I’ve completed 13 orders with 5-star reviews.
But now, in the middle of April, this week I checked the ranking of my gig, it is now the 4th page in that targeted keyword which was on the 1st page. The impressions were good enough and the conversion rate was also pretty good till the last week. But now I’m tensed about it.
So, I’m a little bit upset and depressed about this concern. I know all of your, working on Fiverr are experts, please suggest to me, what can I do now to assure the ranking of my gig on the 1st page again. The Impression of the gig was 19k in the last week, but sadly it is decreasing at a high rate.

You can also check out the gig here:

What can I do now? What are the measures to take to increase the ranking of my gig? Please suggest me.
Thanks a lot to read this article.


Hi, Expertproit
Do not worried. In this April most of every body facing this problem. Keep patience and active on Fiverr