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My Gig is ranking on Top But Outrank again

Hey my gig was ranking on top but it outrank second time in 15 days ?? whats going on ?

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Competition is what is “going on”. As much as you may want to stay at “on top”, there are other sellers too, all whom you need to compete against for prime visibility in the search results. Fiverr does not guarantee that any gig will show up where a seller wants it to within the search results.

it is out of search results in my niche only few seller are available but my gig is invisible in fiverr but showing active

Fiverr gives a boost to new sellers for a short time so they can get some tractinon in this marketplace. Your time of getting a boost is over now that you have been a Fiverr seller for 3 months.

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But i am going to touch level 2 Soon and in my niche only few gigs are available thats why i ask this question if my gig is on last page i can rank it again but it was invisible

Take a look on the below mentioned post. Various hints are given… Fiverr is doing all types of algorithmic test. Gigs will fluctuate and its normal during the testing phase. Nothing to worry about!!

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