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My Gig is ranking on Top But Outrank

My gig was ranking on top but suddenly outrank from top 100 and now it was not visible to me even when i trying to search the gig with full title any one who can help me out ?

It is very natural. Try to respond within 1 hour. And the most important thing is to convert the conversation into orders.

Hey i will reply in just 10 minutes and i converted 90% conversations into orders and i have 7 5 star reviews and completed 14 orders in just 15 days but now my gig out rank

It will come to his previous place. Don’t worry

I made some more changes in my gig and optimize it waiting from last 2 days let see when it will get back

Hey don’t do that please. I don’t prefer to edit the best seller gig. It is more dangerous. I don’t know how people think about it. But I have two years of experience about that.

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Can you tell us about your experience.

But now i made changes and soon it will rank also at top :slight_smile: I am new on this platform just 2 month on fiverr

i joined fiverr in feb 2020 and made my first gig in April 2020

You can edit your gigs in a specific time period. But when your gig is on rank, please don’t edit them. They will loss their rank. They will automatically come to the previous ranking.
Just wait.

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Yes , i checked your gig.I joined Fiverr in Feb as well and made 18 sales. Two of my client didn’t review the work. I don’t know why. They said they will do it later and after 10 days passed Fiverr said you can do that after 10 days.

Same thing happened. As a new seller we made mistake so i did by changing my gigs. Its been 2 months since i am at last page. I don’t know when my gigs are going up.

Hope We will rank again :slight_smile:

Yeah, I hope as well. There are other seller as well , they have the same issue.

Waiting for new order completion and new reviews on my gig hope this will rank my gig again