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My Gig is Removed without any explanation other than "You Had a Link on Your Description"


Hello as the topic title explains today my only GIG with 5 Stars Rating is Removed because It had a link in the description.
Which sounds reasonable right?
Here is the problem,
My gig had no links, basically no link at all, I did not even use the name of the design company I have…
And of course, I have created a ticket saying that I did not have any links and I want my gig back,
Here is the answer,
"Hi, Tufan,
Thank you for contacting us.
I reviewed your Gig and I can see a Facebook URL that directs users to Facebook. We requested twice for the URL to be removed. After failing to do so, the Gis has been denied and will not be reinstated.
I hope this clarifies.
Kind regards, "

So I asked them to show me the proof of the link (I did not have any) so I am waiting,
But what is more fun is, they don’t care about us, all they do is you had a link bye-bye, this is so unprofessional, we asked you to change it twice so we removed it? So I asked twice where is the link but no answers?
Internet is full blog posts, comments about how bad is Fiverr Support, do they want another one like they are not enough?
I am completely disappointed.


That would be considered a link.

They also said they warned you twice before removing the gig.

  1. That is not the description, that is the requirements,
  2. I need to give them the link to be able to work and do what I sell, if I can’t give a link %90 of my clients can not find where is the page they need to go to give me access,
  3. Again they have not told me requirements, they said description which I checked double and thought it is a bot and made a mistake, but even if they were saying requirements, I had to give that link to be able to start working.



HE said he can see a facebook URL that directs users to facebook and you didn’t know what he meant?

You were warned to removed the link twice and you just decided to ignore it?

Sorry it happened to you but you were warned.


You were lucky to have been warned and given the opportunity to remove the link. You chose to ignore the warnings… now the gig has been pulled. Some people get NO warnings at all, and just get the gig pulled.

Why would you do that? Especially now with the new levels criteria in place?


If I got a warning to remove a link I would remove it.

You are pretending to be confused because you knew you had a link but it was in the requirements section, not the description.

So you just ignored two warnings about it and now you are mad at customer support. They did all they could to tell you to remove it but you made excuses to leave it there. What did you expect?


I should have understood?
I am pretty sure that’s not how it should work,
They told me there is a link in the Description now they removed it because it’s somewhere else but it doesn’t matter I should have knew it?
Very professional.


You knew where the link was. :wink:

I’m sure you don’t think that because they said description, when they meant requirements, that it gave you permission to ignore the warning.


I basically thought it’s a bot making a mistake,
Then I thought maybe It’s because I wrote we already have a registered business in France so maybe this violates some rule so I deleted it,
Why would I ignore to delete link basically sends people to Facebook Business Manager Page?
There is a big mistake here, what is done is not fair to me, and now they don’t provide me any proof of the link or anything else but saying it’s impossible to bring it back…


At some point hopefully you will begin to take responsibility instead of blaming them. Anyone else would have known to remove that link.

Surely you can’t be that obtuse and think that you could leave it there because it’s not a link in the description, it’s in the requirements section?


Thank you mısscrystal,
I hope you had some amazing blaming others against fiverr day,
I did not know that Fiverr support doesn’t know the difference between description and requirements.


You had a link, you were warned twice, you left it there anyway, and now you are mad and feel wronged?

Take responsibility for this. You knew you had a link. They used the wrong word. But you decided since it was the wrong word you would leave the link there. You didn’t even ask them what it was about until they removed your gig!


No I did asked them where is the link,
Then I woke up and no Gig.
I am preparing every single proof any I will be sending them support tickets till they accept the mistake on their side.
Another beautiful question,
Why the person who closed my gig is not answering?
I have 3 tickets and 2 of them sends answer in every 1 hour but the guy in the first screenshot is not responding to my proofs.
We will see,
I will update this post.


Two of them send an answer every hour? Are you sending them messages every hour to each ticket?


Why don’t you just create a new gig, this time without a link?


I think he is determined that he needs the link.


I did 5-10 dollars GIGs that took more than 10 hours each, more than 200 hours in total just to create a GIG with
a lot of 5 Star Reviews, I believe that is the answer why I don’t want to create a new gig.
Now some may think it’s all about the money who cares the reviews but I beleive we all know the connection between that two.


I see that you have created a new gig. That’s good. I’m not sure you’re allowed to deliver in 1 day if your service takes 7 days to perform, though.

No offense, but 6 reviews is not a lot.


I am still wondering why the two tickets get replies every hour.