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My gig is showing on first page even first no ..but impression are still less

My gig is showing on first page even first no every time with different keywords among 9000 other sellers…but impressions are only 50 and click and views are also decreasing what’s may be reason for this situation…? please guide me.
I am waiting for your nice response and suggestion.

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I am facing the same issue but didn’t find any solution yet.

I hope, I’m not considering it wrongly. I think it is a result of our activities and dedications to our online business. Our all activities are under observation, and If we successfully reached to a certain position and after that we didn’t maintain as well by sharing our products (gigs), making attractions for traffic, etc… Our impression, click and other values drop down by comparing with our previous ratings. Please correct me!

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To also add to that, you need to keep promoting and marketing your gigs on social media platforms. It’s one sure way to increase your number of views and impressions

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Are you talking about your gig search results by giving the complete url there? Like logo-design-for-business-card-and-website and your gig show at first?

No no. By searching just a single word or keyword.