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My Gig is Showing Up

I joined fiverr about a month ago and just found out that no one can see my gig. What am I doing wrong? My gig should show up under Fun & Lifestyle - Genealogy.

You need to activate your gigs. Maybe it has been paused by fiverr.

Hi bev!

I see this gig " I Will Research And Record Family Histories" :slight_smile:

If it’s not appearing in search, you need to open a support ticked with CS, so they can look into why.

You can do that here:

Best wishes!

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How do you activate a gig?

You just need to go to your list of gigs and make sure it isn’t paused. If @socialhonor can see your gig - it is highly unlikely to be paused, so may be another issue.


It has it listed under the Active Gig’s list so I was assuming last night that because I have had no sales so no reviews I was on the bottom of the list of Genealogists. It’s funny when you look under Fun & Lifestyle - Family & Genealogy only one gig comes up (a man) but when you type “Genealogy” in the search field 41 gig’s show up and it says they are under “Family & Genealogy”. I don’t think the Categories Lists are working correctly or are not well organized. Also when I looked through all 41 of these my gig still does not show up so there must be something wrong. My search tags are “family history, family tree, genealogy, ancestry and ancestors”. So again, why is my gig not pulling up???

I just tried again by entering “Family Tree” in the search field and it brought up 59 gig’s but mine was not one of them and then search under “Family History” and only 15 gigs pulled up this time but mine was not one of them. “Ancestry” brought up 5 gigs but not mine and lastly “Ancestors”, it brought up 7 gigs but not mine. I’ve very frustrated at this point. If my people don’t have my exact link they can not find my gig!!! How is that going to help me get jobs???

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Not sure if you saw (doesn’t seem like you saw) :eyes:my initial post - but my suggestion is that you contact CS, who will be able to tell you why - and what you need to do to remedy the situation…better than any of us can.

Thank you, I will open a ticket.

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Good plan! All the best with it! :slight_smile: