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My gig is vanished from search page

Hello Fiverr Family!
I’m facing a problem (that I never faced before). :disappointed_relieved:
2 of my gigs are related to same category (video editing) and I used common keywords for both of them. When I search for the keyword, one of my gig appears on the search page and other does not

Although my other gig is doing much better than this one. Can you help?

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Have you been editing your Gig lately? If you did, it can sometimes disappear from search 24-48hrs. If it goes longer than that then you need to contact CS to “refresh” your Gigs.

No I didn’t edit my gig for months :frowning:
I already contacted CS but they got the misconception that I’m concerned about my gig’s position. (They didn’t understand my problem)

Point the CS to the “impressions, clicks and views”, if your Gig isn’t on search they must be almost zero in the last 7 days. …and report it as a Bug.

It must be hard to believe but my impressions are pretty much increasing :grinning: That’s the actual
confusing part.
Can you help me by typing “video editing” in search bar? (Please put filters for online and available now sellers, let me know if you can see my both gigs there) That would be a HUGE favor. Thank you!

That’s strange.
I checked it out and can only see “I Will Edit Clips Like Netflix Videos” when searching for video editing

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Thank you so much Maedan for your kind help :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m contacting CS now, I hope they resolve my issue now :frowning_face:

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