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My gig is wrong with category

Hello everyone i will be happy if you check my gig and help me to find where is wrong because i think there is something missing with my gig.It does not show anywhere here is link of my gig.
Thanks in advance

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Your gig is showing on the first page when I search under backup, cloning, migration, using the Edge browser. I told you this yesterday in another topic you created.


I also see it on the best selling page using Chrome.

Please stop worrying about where your gigs are. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can i ask in which category you see it in top as recommended or best selling gig?As i want it to see top in searching page by tags etc and also as recommended gigs.

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I’m not earning anything since a 6 days so how you can say no neeeeeeeeeeed to worry ?:wink:

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I want to be 25 again, but that’s not going to happen either. :wink:

Why not just be glad it’s on the best selling page? :slightly_smiling_face:


So can you check my gig tags as well as description so i can find if there is anything wrong .I will welcome to all if everyone check and give me advice about it’s tags and description

I’m not receiving any order even it is in best selling category :sunglasses:

This may be helpful to you:


I actually got a lot of orders after coming back from “out of office” experience where my gig was nowhere to be seen. It was quite upsetting so I stopped worrying about where my gig position is and focused on work!

Hopefully you will get more work soon!

I did also this part of out of office mode but nothing found so can you explain the whole procedure how you did this one procedure?

You shouldn’t do that it’s bad for your gig ranking!

My laptop broke so I had to take a break since I didn’t want to cancel any orders. You can see it in your profile page below “Recent Delivery”.

“Out of office” didn’t help me get orders. I stayed online here 24/7 and spent a lot of time on buyer request section refreshing the page sending offers.

See here in google chrome incignito tab where when i search wordpress transfer then it is on first page for just 1 minute and then again it disappeares from here and go on end page and remember it does not show on other browsers .So what is this drama fiverr is playing with us ? :wink: