My Gig Isn't Being Bought


I’ve had my gigs up for a while now… About 15-20 days and no one has bought them… And they’ve only got 2-3 clicks… I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong, or what… I’ve applied for many buyers requests but still nothing!


First of All
Try to make a good Gig video. May be it will cost you a little OR you can do it yourself with a cracked software like premier pro. Believe me, it is gonna help.
“Buyer Request” portion in the selling panel is good but You must write a convincing quote. Try to work on language and wording You are gonna use (along with special offers).
Work hard and try to please your buyer in every way. Tolerate buyers with bad…you know.
Last but not the least is “PATIENCE”. If You are not getting orders, don’t give up. Try harder and You will find the way.


Alright thank you! I will definitely try everything you suggested…