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My Gig Isn't Displaying on Fiverr Search

Hello, my Fiverr gig isn’t displaying on Fiverr search, please is there anything I can do to solve this problem

Try to use keywords in your description and titles. Also use tags.

Try searching by your gig title.

If it doesn’t show up, please contact customer support.

New gigs may take little time to show up in the search. The same thing applies when you edit an existing gig.
The reason is, the editorial team has to review them both.

I have tried searching my gig title, I cant find it anywhere there.

Please submit a ticket to Customer Support .

Please note that you have to be patient after submitting a ticket. It may take little time for them to reply.

Try searching using your tag…For example Tag: Transcriber! Use that in the search engine after this look through them one by one I Knw its a lot of work but we all have to be hardworking and if u can’t find it even on the 15th page contact cs…That’s wat I did Goodluck

Okay, thanks buddy. Ill message them now

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All the best.

Just pray to the Fiverr Gods that it ranks higher when it comes back. lol

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Did you update your gig recently? If so, you have to wait for 24-48 hours until your gig appears in search results.

Use perfect title then you get the ranking?

You cant use your name to search in the search bar. Make sure it is active before you do, and if it is then try to scroll all the way down to see if it’s missing.