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My gig isn't getting much view

This is the link to my gig


Follow These Strategies.

Try to add an attractive video on your Gig. It will boost your rank 40% more.
Keep Sending Buyer Requests.
Change all your Tags Weekly. This may help you out.
Add some Gig Extras. And try to Fill your Profile with Everything.

You will definitely get views and ranking.


Using your profile image as a gig image doesn’t make sense unless it’s related to the gig itself. It’s a nice picture, but doesn’t say anything about ‘writing’. As a nice picture, though, and could make a good primary image if you carefully add some text.

I’m personally undecided on this topic, but it has good thought-food:


Can you suggest some tags?

Can you please tell me more about how to use pictures to get orders? I’m new to this platform and I don’t know much about how things work here

I’m rather new myself. I’m just going by marketing principles. Think of any commercial where you thought it was advertising one thing, only to find it was for something completely different. Even minimalist magazine ads put something as an identifier for the product/service.