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My gig isn't showing on search engine?

Hi, I need help. My gigs are not showing in the search engine and not with any tags and not with my title. How can I get my ranking back plz help


Hey rehan2001, I think you edit your gig too much or any other problem, you need to contact customer support immediately, they can help you ! Hope you understand !

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Were they in the search engine before?

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yes it was searched before

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i changed the tags 72hrs back because I’m not getting orders thats why I changed now not in search

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Contact Fiverr support to Know that your Gis Is alive or Not? if they say that your Gig is Alive Then keep marketing to rank it up if Not Alive then wait Atleast 72 hours.

After 72 HOURS if ypu not find it Then Search your gig Like “do awesome flyer within 24 hours”

If you find then Keep marketing if Not find Then Delete Your gig and creat new one

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I have reviews on it and I checked after 72 hrs not in search, contacted support haven’t got reply yet,

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Search it With your title without "I will’

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I have searched not in search

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Then delete This Gig creat a Another one

Don’t be Worry your Main review will be Ok

review Will Show Under your profile Image and also show under the gig Section

for confirmation you can check my profile

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Ok, but I will wait for CS reply on it then act accordingly

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If I’m understanding this correctly you were appearing before but not getting orders so you changed your tags and now you don’t appear at all yes?

This same thing has happened to me. I asked Fiverr about it and they just said that they are continually tweaking their search algorithm to improve things.

Its my understanding that sometimes for various reasons some users profiles do not get indexed in searches.

This could be because a certain category is saturated with too many gigs possibly and they are rotating them. But I don’t know and know one knows because Fiverr do not reveal details of their search algorithm.

Also once you change your tags it can take 24 hour for them to review them so you can disappear for at least 24 hours.

I can’t remember the rules on search tags but its worth checking that what ever you changed them too complies with Fiverrs rules.

Also check everything else on your profile is in compliance with Fiverrs TOS.

Check that your tags are relevant to your subcategory because I made this mistake my self once. It was such an obvious mistake but I got no orders for the first month because of it.

If your not getting orders you can do market research and scroll to the very bottom of other peoples profiles and see what tags they are using.

A lot of your ranking is weighted on your conversions so make sure your offering is competitive and you are producing good quality work.

Its also worth promoting your gig on different social channels and groups for the service you provide if you are struggling to get those first few sales through.

Don’t worry though. Just analyse what works for other people and think about how you can best utilise your skills and do your own take on that. Make sure all of the messaging in your gig offering is powerful, concise and appealing to your audience. Then with hard work there is no way you can’t succeed.

yes I changed tags because I was not getting orders, I have contacted support Now waiting for them to reply and thanks for your points you’ve mentioned from your experience I will go through these steps and work accordingly.
Appreciated your help