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My Gig isn't showing on the list

I have a gig for minimalist/flat logo design. I didn’t get any order in the last 7 days. So I searched my gig on the logo design list. Add some filters for the search. I’m from Sri Lanka. So I checked country as Sri Lanka on the seller details field. And also the logo category as minimalist/ flat search result was contained 57 gigs. But my gig was not there? why?

I’ve 5.0 Ratings for that gig and 7.0 score for the Illustrator Skill.

A lot of sellers are having that problem. Did you update a gig? Add you add something to your description?

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yeah, I did update my gig a week ago, just add a gig video. I never changed my gig description after the creation of my gig

That is why! I found the same thing happened to me. If you continue to not see your gig after another week, you need to contact customer services. They are overloaded with new gigs and changes, they have to check everything and that is why it takes so long.

My suggestion to anyone, Don’t update your gigs!!!

thank you teachernita for your valuable advice.

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