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My gig issue with fiverr

Hello I’m a new seller but have been working outside fiverr before I start working on fiverr now.
So I have a few question and I will be glad to here answer from all belove one…Please how do I get more clicks and views on my gig?
And also my gig is on shopify marketing first page but if i’m online and people search for online sellers my gig won’t show there…please what can be the reason???
This is my gig link:

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You have to do SEO of you gig for more clicks and views.

This is a recurrent problem affecting everyone.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your gig video thumbnail, I think you meant ‘modern’ marketing skills. Also, the robo-voice is (I’m sorry to be blunt) terrible. There’s punctuation missing, which makes the auto-voice not read the lines properly. And as you have text on-screen, it’s simply not needed.

Some things to consider about clicks/impressions/views:

The ‘online’ depends on activity on Fiverr, near as I can figure.