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My Gig Just Got the "Fiverr's Choice" Badge

The badge is gone on all gigs. It’s a feature that isn’t available anymore.

Ready my previous message.:slight_smile:

Oh, right, seems they removed it - didn’t noticed till now. :slight_smile:

THANKS! It was unforgettable match, it’s just unbelievable. :smiley:

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It’s back, Fiverr Choice is back.


I have it back! AWESOME! :slight_smile: I am waiting on my 1500th review to pop a champagne.


Nice, congrats, got my 1000th order a few days back, it’ll be a while before I get 1000 reviews though :wink:

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Congrats :slight_smile:
As I have no idea, what’s the difference between Fiverr’s Choice & Featured?


Congratulations to everyone! Doing great :slight_smile:

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Again back on my Gig, still don’t know what it is but I hope it’s something good, waiting for my 1000th order, a bit more to go :slight_smile:

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It’s gone, Fiverr Choice is gone.

Wow! Cool, I am happy for you, even though I don’t entirely understand what that means because I’m new on fiverr, I know that it’s a good thing. :dancer::dancer:

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I guess they will return it again, but next time with an explanation on what is it actually.

I can confirm that it doesn’t help for gig ranking.

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wow!!! Congratulation best of luck

Didn’t help sales either :stuck_out_tongue:

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that the result of hard work.

Yeah, I don’t know if it helped me a lot, but it might have been just a couple of extra sales, as my track record is the same before/after the Fiverr Choice badge.

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Just got my first “Fiverr’s choice” badge, these little things mean a lot to me since I work hard and always do my best for clients.


Guys: (@gig_freak, @davidstudio, @nareshps, @nazrul5000, @ssj1236, @orionwp_com ), Please give me suggestions to maintain this, since you guys are seniors here. :grinning:


If have any requirement to get fiverr choice badge?

congrats buddy!!! keep it up.