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My gig lost 20k impressions

Hi! I’m completing all orders on time and my reviews and rating are also positive, My gig was on the first row of the first page, but recently I made some time extension requests on my orders, and completed them on given time.Its been 20 days now my gig is on 2nd page and I lost 20k impressions on my gig.Is there anything make sense?

Check out my gig.

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Maybe update your tags. They could be less effective now then before.

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Dont update your tags these things happen and getting on number 2 page is also a big achievement dont change tags unless you’re ranking on number 10 page of higher.
If you change tags now it will push your gig to last DONT DO THAT! it will result in loss of orders as well.
and in this month usually orders are less because people are busy for Christmas and new year.


Yeah I know I am not going to change tags.Thanks

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