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My GiG Low day by day im sharing on social media but its not working

kindly pro tips for GiGs up


Change the gig and share in social media in right way…Best of luck

Hey there, wellcome.

In the beginning send a lot of offers for buyer requests, be online a loot and try offering lower prices in the beginnning in exchange for constructive critisizm from your clients and be persistent :slight_smile:

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Please NEVER do this. It’s a very big no-no and a very serious infrigement of Fiverr’s TOS as it runs under “review manipulation”.


I do not think you get what I meant. Not asking for a review on Fiverr, but on actual feedback from the client. i.e. “This was awesome but it would make it easier better faste if …” this is just good business practice.

You of coure SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NEVER ask for them to leave a certain type of review, EVER (fast way to get a warning).

@maitasun thanks for pointing it out tho! :slight_smile:

Never ask any feeback or reviews, just provide a quality work, otherwise you will get a warning from cs

You can edit your comment, just press the little pen on the post, and erase where it says about the exchange. In this way, there won’t be any misleading and users won’t get mistaken advice or misunderstand what you were trying to say.

After you edit your post(s), I’ll edit mine so we don’t look like loonies. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re welcome! :wink:

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I agree with what @maitasun said.

Fiverr has gotten very strict of late (regarding reviews/feedback/criticism/whatever else you want to call them). Even asking your buyer for things like “constructive criticism,” “feedback on service provided,” “opinion on quality of service,” or even questions such as “how can I improve myself?” CAN get you a ToS warning or an account suspension/permanent ban.

There have been several forum posts where sellers have said that they received ToS warnings for merely asking their buyers how they could improve their service.

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I even stopped using the word review anywhere. Like “Please review this or that and let me know” It’s best to avoid even the hint of it.


Well, I have been doing business for about 8 years before getting to Fiverr, so I do know my way around how businesses run, how their internal workings are and what most of the background of the TOS is, as I have worked on the redaction of many of these and other legal documents. I was working in fortune 500 companies as well as for some pretty well-known companies from the German automotive industry and IT sector - you’ll find hints in my profile :slight_smile:

As I said, I have had the topic with Customer support as I have had many false warning messages, and there was no issue about it ever. I earn my self part of my living and Fiverr a decent commission every month, you still have to remember that they are doing this for a profit, and they will absolutely not ban a good seller over nonsense rules. There are still human beings working in CS who are very capable of differentiating between me being polite to my sellers and encouraging them to let me know if they see some potential for improvement (hence me making more money for them) and me begging for a “XXX Star review” (To manipulate my ratings).

I respect your opinions, I do not know what your professional background, age or level of formal education is, but as a rule in any business, if you are only trying to stay within every rule there is or might be in the future, without thinking about why they are there, you will not make it too far outside of the average. Fiverr has its ToS for very good reasons if you understand those reasons it is not hard understanding what will be an issue and what absolutely will not be an issue.

They might have gotten a Warning message, and if they did not ASK FOR RATINGS they would have been fine, if they did ask for ratings they would get actual warnings, which again is proving my point, they have a system of keyword triggers, and trust me I trigger keywords daily as I work on many financial documents and financial lingo is offten used, my messages might be delayed for a few hours, but no actual warnings come out of that, because no rules are broken.

Unfortunately, most of the seller’s complaints I have seen on the forum are based in them not having a lot of experience with running a business or what the consequences of trying your luck at bending the rules are. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I think evryone knows what I meant, and this is getting quite off topic :slight_smile:

Well in that case thay have actually broken the rules haha you are confirming my point, every case is manually reviewed and there are reasons behind the rules, if you get an actuall warning it is usually because you have actually violated the TOS. And since I am being reviewed by fiver regularly based on false red flags, I do not think there is a issue in the way I do business. No one forces you or anyone else to use that.

Now lets end this as we are getting very off topic, open a new thread if you want to discuss this any more in debt, I would be happy to :slight_smile:
Take care! :slight_smile:

Yeah, but that sucks, I will rather keep on using it and not begin to slownly sound like a censored robot :slight_smile: Just stay within the rules :slight_smile:

Sure brother, whatever rocks your boat :smiley:
You do it the way you do it, I do the way I do it, all I am saying :slight_smile:

As I said I get reviewed weekly because I trigger the bots with many “bad” keywords and there was never any issue, everything gets cleared, I make a few thousand USD a month here for me, and don’t forget that 20% of that go to Fiverr, why would anyone bother blocking me for no reason :slight_smile:

EDIT: I believe with you deleting your post you have understood the point I wanted to bring across :slight_smile: