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My gig move from 1st page to lat page

Fiverr deleted my gig. cause they said not the original logo, but then, I contract CS with my all proof and they gave back to me my gig and from then, my gig lost rank and find the 1st page to the last page,

Please help me, what should, I do now,


you will do fiverr gig image seo

I think you should create the same in but in different paths, and don’t use the same picture which you were using.
Make some of the changes.

I did but get no result

Do seo, and change, bit no result, and I am loosing the rank

It takes time to rank it back.

I changed all info on my gig, for 3 days it was running up to 100 clicks per day, didnt do nothing after that and then after 4 days it went down to 10 clicks.
Thats how it is, it also depends how often and what times are you online.

15 hours more…