My gig needs a little BOOST! American Male Voice Over!


Hello everyone!

My first gig is a couple of months old, and I am just now starting to get some traction and repeat clients. I would love to get some additional exposure and possibly hit Level 2 by the end of January. Can you help out? Do you need a good voiceover guy? Do you create explainer videos or other videos and need someone to give them a voice? Please check out my gig. I appreciate it, and I would love the opportunity to earn your business!

Thank you very much!

Kit Baty


Just listened to your gig examples. Nice job!

Alas, I’m looking for a voice in the Lafontain-guy-style for a movie trailer. I probably will have a look here or on a site I’m not allowed to mention here.

Anyway, I wish you a lot of success! Keep it going.


Thank you very much! I need to re-do that video for sure. I have learned a lot in just the last couple of months. As for the Lafontaine-style - there are several guys out there who can do a reasonable facsimile of that voice - unfortunately, I am not one of them. :slight_smile:
Good luck to you as well!