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My Gig no longer seen

Hello everyone, I am a seller on fiverr, in the web traffic category, my gig was on first page for close to a month, the gig was performing very well, but all of a sudden it disappeared from the first page. And I searched the 26 pages under web traffic multiple times, but the gig is no where to be found , and the gig is showing active. This is very strange and confusing. Has anyone experienced this before? What can be the solution please?

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Perhaps this may be of help to you:

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Hi @kingstraffics

You have two options:

  • Continue searching for your gig until you find it or you get to the last page.

  • Contact CS if your gig doesn’t show up

Have you had any cancellations or late deliveries lately?


No worry i’m also facing this issue since two months it is due to late deliveries order cancellation negative rating and late response etc.When all stats will green you will get it on top again.Just improve yourself and find buyers in buyer request section.Good Luck :wink:

I have been one of best typography design seller on fiverr since a year and suddenly same happen with me in month of February. Even though my all factors are excellent but i am facing same issue since feb.
I contacted customer care many times but they have no solution for this and said we do not guarantee your gig in search results and sales, promote your gig on social media to get orders.

but this is not a good idea to promote gig by running paid ads. we already giving fiverr 20% and if we run paid ad then what we will get , nothing.

I am not feeling good at all becuase fiverr is not listing gigs according to their performance.
my gig is on 12th page in top selling but as per the rating it must be on first.

also gigs who have zero rating appear first than me.
I am totally rely on my past buyers.


I am best seller in my category and my gig went from first page to last page.
I contacted with CS they said wait to resettle to gigs again in thiers location.

so what they said exactly, when these gigs will resettle

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My gigs only showed one time for 20 days and only for 16 hours and again went down

Hi, thanks. I have done that multiple times and it always says it’s active in the searches

No single late deliveries, and the 2 cancellations was as a result of the buyers mistakenly placing 2 orders

The search results are performance based. If your gig is “active in the searches”, but has dropped from a prominent location, it is likely that you will have to improve your Analytics metrics before your gig can rise “in the searches” again. How long that might take is not something we can answer. Be a great seller, who delivers great work on time, and earns positive reviews, and you are likely to see your gig improve its position.

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I am best seller have more reviews than any other seller in my category I have 480 plus reviews on my gig and it is on last page.
But some gigs without any review and one gig have 4 reviews with rating of 4.1 stars on first page.
What you can say about that?

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All I can tell you is that the search results are performance based. It doesn’t matter how many overall reviews you have. There are many metrics and factors that seem to go into the search rankings. If other gigs are ranked higher than yours, then their gigs are likely performing better than yours within the last 60 days.

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I think there is issue in ranking system why my gigs show up for 16 hour again went down.
Ranking dropped means you dropped on second to third page not on last page.
4.1 rating gig on first page is that based on performance?
Without any rating gig on first page is that performance?
According to me Fiverr team is testing ranking system.

This is a common assumption many sellers seem to tell themselves in order to justify their beliefs about the search results. I have heard from Customer Support (other users have heard the same) that the search system is working exactly as it is supposed to. There is no major test taking place. If your gig has fallen off the top – where you want it to be – that is likely a result of a lower performance on that gig.

If you want to “improve your ranking”, be a great seller, who delivers great work on time, and earns positive reviews, and you are likely to see your gig improve its position.


I agreed and but you did not answer my question
4.1 rating gig on first page is that based on performance?
Without any rating gigs on first page is that based on performance?

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I did, and I don’t think I can be any clearer.

If your gig has fallen in the search results, this is likely because your gig has seen a drop in its 60-day performance. There are many factors in the ranking algorithm – which I do not know, but I have been told do exist – that determine where a gig ranks. If there are gigs ranked higher than yours in the search results, they are likely there because, in some way(s), they have a better current gig performance.

It makes no sense to keep trying to convince me that what you see must be the truth. I have told you what I know, what CS has told me, and I’m sure there are plenty of other sellers that can say the same. If your gig is not at the top of the search results – where you want it to be – then you are going to have to improve the performance of that gig in order to rise in ranking.

The search system is what it is. It isn’t going to change just because you want it to. Be a great seller, who delivers great work on time, and earns positive reviews, and you are likely to see your gig improve its position.


No matter fiverr is giving chance to everyone to grow on fiverr.Remember when you joined fiverr first time with having no review no rating but fiverr gave you chance so everyone new seller here have rights to grow and earn :wink:


Yes but it is not right to put gig down who did really hard work to maintain Profile.

The search system is what it is. If your gig does not “rank” where you want it to, then perhaps now is a good time for you to start marketing and promoting your gigs in order to bring in your own customers. It is unwise to expect the Fiverr search system to be your only source of customers. The search results are fluid and constantly changing. No seller is guaranteed that their gigs will be listed at the top – or anywhere in the results for that matter.

Good luck as you seek out new customers, and I hope, at some point, your efforts are able to regain the visibility you desire within the search system.

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