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My Gig no longer seen

Ranking is not about being best seller or having 480 reviews or having 2000 orders in queue. It’s also about order completion (cancellations), on-time delivery - among other things. Also, there is a hidden buyers’ feedback only for the eyes of Fiverr.

If you have trouble in those metrics, you’ll likely have trouble ranking.


i am getting views and clicks but no order why??

It could be for many reasons. Could be price, description, who knows. You should check your gigs and see what might be.

Exactly same with me mate …
i have 864 5 star feedback and 100% all factors but a gig with 2 feedback 3.0 ratting is showing first than me … this is anoying
Fiverr algorithem is not working at all.
I am filling demotivated here.

Did you get a warning on your account??

no , never i have not

I have similar case.My gig was sitting strong on first page for keyword searches until recently it just disappeared…Now i cant see it in all pages except i activate the online filter,category filter or combine 2 more keywords…And the weird thing is that in those advanced searches,it comes up as 1st gig on page 1 indicating its still in top search.
Try using any filter and see if it comes up

I’m also facing this issue. My gig is ranked on the bottom pages of the search results now due to late deliveries and few mutual cancellations . Will my gig get up if I do some more orders from buyers requests and my repeated buyers correctly? ( with no cancellations and late deliveries ).

Thank you,