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My gig not coming in fiverr search result

A big problem with my fiverr account!! Last 2 Month My GIG Not coming in search result. couple of month ago when we search “on page SEO” then my gig comes top rank but now it’s not comes anything big issue in with my account. I Contact to the fiverr help but they not reply properly . please Help me on this ASAP…

Unfortunately, this is normal for Fiverr. They switch up their search results regularly as a result of a number of factors. I recommend that you promote your gigs elsewhere online so that when your traffic from the Fiverr search slows down, you’re still getting traffic from other sources.

None of us are guaranteed top ranking in the Fiverr marketplace.

I actually have to agree with Jon on this one. Though I see mine, for certain Gigs that are, like the ones with 60 plus sales in couple weeks on first or second page “Usually”…But what he says is true, with exception to the number part. I’ll see it right away for a day or to then bam, gone to 3rd page or something, so it’s not personal at all. I been using pathing and metrix observation, trying to make heads or tails of it, but for now, I’m as blank as any other on it. No worries though, you’ll get your spotlight, and when you do, capitalize on it…Don’t miss out or create wasted opportunities. Peace & Love!

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there are are too many sections fiverr have right now and you never know where your gig can be and sometime its pretty hard to find 1

gig doing better will have be in spotlight and once your gig performance if down fiverr will will move it to lower ranks

there is another side of this if you have more then 5 gigs denied your gigs exposure is revoked in that case your account is suspended for certain time period and you new gigs are not shown in new section aswell