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My GIG Not Found on List

My Gig isn’t showing on the Category and List I placed it

I have done several saves, modifications and saves.

I also noticed that it keep appearing on the address bar as “Design a powerful powerpoint presentation for you in 3 days” when I titled it otherwise.

I filtered all the way to show me, if a buyer was looking for me among new sellers and other filters, but NO, I cant be found. Please this gig have been there for month, and this obviously is the cause for lack of orders unlike my other gig. Please Help

Here is my gig,

It takes a few days sometimes for gigs to be indexed. By repeatedly changing it, you might be slowing that down. The URL is created the first time you save the gig and it cannot be changed after that.

Wow, I never knew.

But that never happened to my other gig which is under Writing>Articles and Blog Post. I made a change in pictures, Upgraded it to the Standard, Premium and Pro Package. and it got listed immediately.

Thanks for the reply but I still just feel I am doing something wrong.

Please you can check both gigs to compare. I appreciate so much