My gig not getting any views


Hello! I’m sorry if this topic is not in the right place, I’m a new user here so please accept my apology.

So basically I have created three gigs about creating UI website design for like $25 and in another gig for small websites $10

I only got 12 Impressions, 12 clicks and 15 views with no orders on my first gig.
Second gig I got no views or clicks and 2 Impressions with no orders too.
Third gig I got 2 Impressions, 2 clicks and 5 views with no orders at all.
It has been two days since I created the first gig.

So I’m curious why my gigs are not getting any views or orders.It has been a full day now and the numbers didn’t change.

I’m gonna link my three gigs down so you guys can check it out and tell me what’s wrong with it. Am I missing something or does it take time to get views, Impressions and orders?
Really need help ASAP

First Gig
Second Gig
Can’t add another link for the third gig since I’m a new user. However, it’s the same like the two gigs but with different price and for single page ui design.
Thank you for taking your time reading this!


You should consider promoting your gigs outside fiverr, post your link k on social media and elsewhere.
2. Do your buyers request daily.
3. Remember, fiverr is not a Hip. It takes dedication, patience, onsistency and ultimately, exceptional customer service


Thank you for helping out. But what do you mean by “Do your buyers request daily?”


sorry for my late reply

kindly follow this link


Oh thank you! That’s so nice from your part. I have another question. At the moment, I have created new gig which gained 24 views and 37 impressions with no order. It has been three days now. Is this normal or should I be worried?


Have you deleted those gigs? And made a new one! I have seen you have moved into level one. So you are really inspiring for me. Because my situation is also same like you. What changes have you made? Can you share your tips?
Thank You.


Hello @immdpial, This post is way too old :smile:
Yes I did a lot of changes in those 3 months on my gigs. There’s not that much of tips I can share as i’m only level one seller. Still a big road to go.
However, those three tips I just suggested to another seller. I hope they helps out

I hope this helps out, good luck!